Warm Honey

Warm Honey
PLAY: Warm Honey
snippet: “…that’s when things got complicated.”
time: 2:20; specs: 2.15 MB mp3
words and sounds by: Cecil Vortex
They ask us to think of tomorrow. To take precautions. To invest our time. And we trust them because they have credentials. But what if tomorrow the task becomes the reward? What if that warm honeyed pain/pleasure grows legs and walks out the door? Will you follow? Will we all follow? -CV

Category: Creep-edy™

3 comments on “Warm Honey

  1. When Cecil’s biographers ask me when he started to go off the deep end, I’m going to tell them today.

  2. Cecil, I’m trying to play the recording, but alls I get is a blank little ol’ screen. I’ll call my techinal guru and then try again! (boo hoo!)–Laura Austin

  3. My teeth hurt!

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