Lucky Liver Lumps Minute Murder Mysteries: The Sounds of Violence

The Sounds of Violence
PLAY: Lucky Liver Lumps Minute Murder Mysteries: The Sounds of Violence
snippet: “…a mystery show’s program director had been done in…”
time: 3:04; specs: 2.8 MB mp3
written and produced by: Tony Jonick; starring: Robin Brady, Jerry Williams!, Shannon O’Hare, Alanna Dill, Tony Jonick, and Cecil Vortex
Some say “The Sounds of Violence” was Wycliffe Saint Hampstead-Liftgate’s masterpiece. Clearly, it was his most experimental piece — a three-minute one-minute mystery produced literally decades before that became the norm.
This time out, the action turns in on itself as Inspector Jowls is summoned to the BBC to investigate the recent murder of an audio program director. This is rough stuff — replete with the kind of anti-sound-effect-engineer bias so common back in the ’30s. Still, if you listen closely you can literally hear the envelope being pushed back and to the left.
While you’re in this neck of the woods, don’t forget to catch last week’s episode of LLL, and the one afore that, posted two weeks back. Or better yet, ifn ya got the bandwidth, kick back and download all three in one handy, albeit fairly huge combo-file.
Enjoy! And watch the skies, CV.

2 comments on “Lucky Liver Lumps Minute Murder Mysteries: The Sounds of Violence

  1. this is my favorite of the three, but i’m an old self-recursive meta-pomo guy from way back.
    never thought i’d be salivating for a taste of liver lumps but those minute murder mysteries seem to be working on me on the subliminable level.

  2. awesome. enjoyed it in ways and places “the way a wife never could.” nothing like a rise.
    quite topical, too, with minimum wage increase debate. hmmm, same dastardly ends for the pubs?
    “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”
    —Hunter S. Thompson
    we’ll miss you, hunter.

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