Eerie Wampum

Eerie Wampum
PLAY: Eerie Wampum
snippet: “…like Casper the Friendly Ghost, teamed up to solve the mystery of Camp Wampum with Richie Rich, the sad little rich boy…”
time: 1:42; specs: 1.6 MB mp3
words by: Rodney K.; music by: Yaniv Soha

Regulars visitors to this site are already well versed in the the work of Rodney K. Suffice it to say, if Monkey Vortex had a Poet Laureate, Rodney K. would be the poet our Poet Laureate would plagiarize. He’s that good.
This week, Rodney teams up transcontinentally with Yaniv Soha. (Incidentally, Yaniv is frequently and incorrectly credited as the inventor of the light bulb. In fact, the inventor of the light bulb was Thomas Alva Edison.) Eerie Wampum is a powerful, evocative poem, set to swank, swinging guitar. In short, it’s just the sort of headphone-friendly sonic brain transfusion today’s hep cats demand.
But wait! As an extra special bonus this week, for you and just for you: a remix of a Rodney K. poem we originally posted last October. Inspired by Yaniv’s Egyptian Reggae, it’s the same great poem, now refortified with a tad more funkngroove. Et voila: Welcome to the City of Wetumpka, the Funknfortified Edition. Enjoy, and watch the skies, -CV

One comment on “Eerie Wampum

  1. Casper first appeared in the Paramount/Famous Studios animated cartoon, “The Friendly Ghost” in 1945. Richie Rich debuted as a backup feature in “Little Dot” in 1953. Artist Warren Kremer named him after his son. There is a Wampum, PA, and its claim to fame?…home to the oldest operating cement plant in the U.S. Pack the car with Odwalla juices and nourishing food bars–road trip!
    “Money is fun!”
    —Richie Rich, the movie

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