Bobba Bebba

Bobba Bebba
PLAY: Bobba Bebba
time: 1:43; specs: 1.6 MB mp3
script by: Cecil Vortex; voices: Hans van Boetzelaerlaan and CV
Today’s episode marks a return to our bread and butter: short pieces about empathetic aliens watching alternate-reality Earth-TV as they orbit dying suns. And may God have mercy on our souls.
Enjoy! -CV

Category: Vignettes, Yikes

3 comments on “Bobba Bebba

  1. Funny. And more than a little disturbing. I imagine that cats all over cyberspace are looking suspiciously over their shoulders today.

  2. hell’s a poppins with this one (and that’s a compliment)–i keep hearing that small questioning voice, “bobba bebba?” like a chorus.

  3. Fun for the whole family! The kids laughed at the small type. I laughed at the alien who talks like scooby doo on ‘ludes.

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