I, Baby Robot

I, Baby Robot
PLAY: I, Baby Robot
snippet: “Red 7, is the Baby Robot in place?”
time: 3:04; specs: 2.8 MB mp3
written by: Cecil Vortex; starring: Jeff Green, Heather Gottschalk, Christian Crumlish, EB, Hans van Boetzelaerlaan, M. Smith, and Cecil Vortex
Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men? Baby Robot knows. And now Pete, Reggie, and the whole gang are about to find out. What Baby Robot knows. About what lurks.

Category: Creep-edy™

2 comments on “I, Baby Robot

  1. Jeff Green gives a poignant performance here, worthy of whatever award is given for acting in Web-based micro-entertainments.

  2. I was just nosing around Jeff Green’s blog’s and what do I find? Very disturbing and yet I’m not surprised to find that all my friends like it. That said, this site needs an “about” page.

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