The Phone Call, Part I

The Phone Call, Part 1
PLAY: The Phone Call, Part I
snippet: “”I was a done deal. Yesterday’s news. And yet…”
time: 5:06; specs: 4.8 MB mp3
written by: Bill Cassel, with Cecil Vortex; produced by: Tony Jonick; starring: Benson Hurst, Bee Nisbet, M. Smith, Tony Jonick, and Spencer Watkins
Who is the mysterious Bunsen? Why does he refuse to answer his phone? Do the two thugs at his door want to kill him, beat him up, or take him to lunch? And what meat product does his secretary resemble?
One of these questions will be answered in Part 1 of the long-awaited Monkey Vortex epic “The Phone Call.”

Category: Pinot Noir

4 comments on “The Phone Call, Part I

  1. Dazzling return to form! Question though: Why a “Pinot Noir” and not a Creepedy? I strongly feel that all radio dramas involving the squeezing of a clown’s nose should qualify
    as Creepedy. CREEPEDY!!
    Keep ’em comin’ …

  2. So what happened to Bunsen? Did he fall out the window? Who was on the phone? The suspense is killing me. When’s part 2?
    What’s up with the assistant’s forehead? Is the forehead some sort of foreshadowing as to the thugs’ lunch? This is the best episode of MVRT ever!

  3. mortadella? gabbagoo?

  4. clock tock
    rock stock
    talk frock
    what happens next?
    i don’t know what my post means, except the Phone Call #1 put me in a weird place

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