Poem with Its Second Line by Nada Gordon

Poem with Its Second Line by Nada Gordon
PLAY: Poem with Its Second Line by Nada Gordon
snippet: “…here is an opportunity to rest your head among the green blaze of mountains…”
time: 1:15; specs: 1.1 MB mp3
words by: Rodney K.; music by: Yaniv Soha
After an extended, hard drive-induced hiatus, MVRT is back with our most rockin’-est transcontinental Poet Makes a House Call yet. Some say Soha and Koeneke are like the Scylla and Charybdis of our time. Me, Iā€™m not even sure what that means. But I do know this: my four-year-old asked me to play this week’s number some twenty-odd times in a row. And you just can’t beat a review like that. Enjoy. And now more than ever: watch the dang skies, -CV

2 comments on “Poem with Its Second Line by Nada Gordon

  1. That really is an amazingly great groove. Da problem is, even after listening to it several times, I’m not getting all the words. Something something about love? And is he talking about kangaroos?
    It’s sort of like needing the lyrics sheet to go with an album. (Unless its REM, and the words are just subtext to the whole.) Is there any possiblity of posting the actual text of the poem with the sound file? Then I could know which line to credit Nada Gordon with.
    I do like it, I just want MORE! Thanks.

  2. Thanks Captain!
    To keep this first and foremost a listening experience, we’re going to opt to keep the full poem off the site, but…for anyone who’s interested in seeing that lyric sheet, just drop me a line and I can shoot it over — vortex@mediajunkie.com.

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