Lucky Liver Lumps Minute Murder Mysteries: Caught in the Trap

Caught in the Trap
PLAY: Lucky Liver Lumps Minute Murder Mysteries: Caught in the Trap
snippet: “Henrietta entered before me and was treated to a rum sight.”
time: 2:18; specs: 2.1 MB mp3
written and produced by: Tony Jonick; starring: Robin Brady, Jerry Williams!, Tony Jonick, and Cecil Vortex
MVRT recently lucked into possession of a set of groundbreaking British radio programmes originally recorded back in the 1930s. Written by Wycliffe Saint Hampstead-Liftgate and starring his soon-to-be-legendary “Inspector Jowls,” these fast-paced pieces broke all the rules. For example, this first “minute murder mystery” is actually two minutes long! And that’s just the start! These are rich, dense, satisfying pieces, worth playing 12 or possibly 14 times. So drink deep! And be sure to watch this space for more LLLMMM episodes…coming soon… -CV

3 comments on “Lucky Liver Lumps Minute Murder Mysteries: Caught in the Trap

  1. I remember reading about St. Hampstead-Liftgate in the 1920s surrealist journal Minotaur. There was an article about his work with Cocteau. But I’d never heard anything of his before. Thanks for posting it. But a touch more pedestrian than I thought. Perhaps in later episodes…
    Looking forward to them.

  2. as clever as it is compact! bravo. how ever did you get ’em to talk so fast? liver lumps perhaps??

  3. mmm, hairy tacos. love the voices and music. all very toot-toot. the commercial interlude was great. to appeal to red states, you should conclude by arguing that dems also fake their own deaths, to collect social security checks, when in fact if they were all dead, social security would be saved.
    how we got here from hairy tacos is the reason i’m not in charge.
    “If all the world’s a stage, I want to operate the TRAP door.”
    —Paul Beatty

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