The Winsor McCay Sketchbook: Money

The Winsor McCay Sketchbook: Money
PLAY: Money
snippet: “Hello cutesy-wutesy.”
time: 2:22; specs: 2.2 MB mp3
script, music, and production: Tony Jonick; cast: Bill Cassel, Alana Guy Dill
In today’s MVRT episode, Money, amble over to a room laced with faint echoes of a tonier time, back when Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant played badminton in the foyer — a room where empires are made and where hearts are broken, all in the name…of money. Enjoy! -CV
(Money is our third offering from The Winsor McCay Sketchbook. From more TWMS mayhem, be sure to check out Love and Marriage.)

4 comments on “The Winsor McCay Sketchbook: Money

  1. The female lead is superb.

  2. I would have to say this is Mr. Cassel’s finest performance of labor & delivery since his role in My Daughter the Wildebeest, when he gave birth to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen who played respective ends of of the Wildebeest.
    Surely an A++ performance

  3. That’s quite possibly the most convincing labor-by-a-man I’ve ever heard. Such heart!
    Really nicely done. Smart. Funny. Kudos to all.

  4. best.winsor mccay sketchbook.ever. (so far)

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