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You Be the Judge (Oh Yeah)

You Be the Judge (Oh Yeah)
PLAY: You Be the Judge (Oh Yeah)
time: 1:47; specs: 1.6 MB mp3
written and performed by: John Kerry, George Bush, and Bob Schieffer; music and editing: Cecil Vortex
In case you missed Wednesday night’s third and final Presidential debate, here’s a quick and dirty recap in one minute and change. Set to drum and keys, with accompanying horse clops. As the saying goes: it’s got a good beat. And you can dance to it. Watch the skies, -CV

The Sequence of Things

PLAY: The Sequence of Things
snippet: “…just waiting! …on your doorstep!”
time: 1:52; specs: 1.75 MB mp3
script and music: Cecil Vortex; cast: Bee Nisbet, M. Smith; featured backup vocalist: Shonny Vortex
My favorite pizza is the pizza from my hometown. My favorite bagels are the bagels from my hometown. I have an old friend, he has an excellent theory: It’s the water really, that’s what he says. He says what I like so much about my hometown pizza and bagels is really just the taste of my hometown water. And he’s probably right. Because before pizza can be pizza or bagels, bagels, there has to be water. Sequence is key.
That’s something Wally never really understood. At least, not until today. But you’re just in time, because he’s about to get his Ph.D in The Sequence of Things. Enjoy, and watch the skies -CV

Category: Toe-tappers