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Quiet and Comfortable

Holding On
PLAY: Quiet and Comfortable
snippet: “…David was different. He was unusual. And when no one else was around, he’d sit very still…and prove it.”
time: 1:25; specs: 1.3 MB mp3
words and music by: Cecil Vortex; starring: Robert Birnbach
(Very) loosely following in the tradition of Clowney, here’s a short short story about a hep cat mathlete with unusual hobbies. And shoes. He also has shoes! Enjoy, and regardez the skies, -CV

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Bobba Bebba

Bobba Bebba
PLAY: Bobba Bebba
time: 1:43; specs: 1.6 MB mp3
script by: Cecil Vortex; voices: Hans van Boetzelaerlaan and CV
Today’s episode marks a return to our bread and butter: short pieces about empathetic aliens watching alternate-reality Earth-TV as they orbit dying suns. And may God have mercy on our souls.
Enjoy! -CV

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The Good Friend

Eerie Wampum
PLAY: The Good Friend
snippet: “…I know, I know, what could be so bad, right? Well listen up: it’s all about the wine tasting.”
time: 2:58; specs: 2.7 MB mp3
script by: eb; voice and keys by: Cecil Vortex
From the folks what brought you Clowney comes the story of Mike, a guy with a problem. Sure, he likes a glass of wine now and again. And yeah, ok: maybe he’s become a tad fancified of late. But really, that’s the least of it.
See, the late-night crickets are out in force, chirping along beneath bass and keys. And there’s Mike’s pal, down by the fence. He’s a bit concerned, and he’s feeling awful chatty. What’s his name? Oh, I don’t know. How ’bout we just call him: The Good Friend. Enjoy. And watch the skies, -CV

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PLAY: Clowney
snippet: “I like my men clowney. I like clowns.”
time: 1:03; specs: (only!) 1 MB mp3
script and music: Cecil Vortex; cast: EB
There she is. Sitting at the far end of the bar, watching folks as they stumble around: juke box to pool table to bartender to juke box. She’s thirsty — anyone can see that. And you’re flush. So go on — buy her a drink. Who knows? — she might just tell you a story. A story we like to call: Clowney. Watch the skies, -CV.

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